In the old town of Poschiavo


Full of surprises!
That is how the late German painter and writer Wolfgang Hildesheimer described his encounter with the old town of Poschiavo (also known as “Borgo”), which was to become his adoptive home.

The town centre is an attractive mosaic of natural beauty and cultural values, creating a unique, harmonious atmosphere around the landscape, the monuments and the vibrant town life.
Today, the old town is full of surprises with its distinctive town planning and architectural features (which give it more of a large town feel), its uniqueness and fascinating richness in terms of language, culture, society and geography, its generous, hospitable people, its genuine local products, its refined handicrafts and its authentic tourism experience. 
In the past, Valposchiavo has been a crossroads, a melting pot of cultures, a land of migration, a meeting place but also a stage of conflict, the home of returning emigrants and a region with major projects, and over the centuries it has successfully exploited these assets.

The main square (Piazza Comunale) in the old town of Poschiavo is lined with buildings with elegant neoclassical façades. The churches and monasteries are reminders of the town’s rich historical and religious past, and the museums have extensive records of the region’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage. The “Palazzi”—also known as the “Spanish quarter”—are a row of stately houses built in the second half the nineteenth century from the earnings of emigrant pastry chefs, who made their fortunes from their Swiss cafés across Europe and in Spain in particular.

The cuisine offers a rich variety of authentic flavours, simple yet delicious dishes made with local produce, and organic products such as cheeses, meats and aromatic herbs.

Visitors will discover an Alpine valley with a strong passion for development and a desire to promote their traditional heritage and to reshape the landscape to provide a genuine tourism experience.

Polo Museale Valposchiavo

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