On the Shores of Lake Poschiavo


Formed by a prehistoric rockfall, Lake Poschiavo is a favourite destination for beautiful leisurely walks. The 7-km-long footpath is flat and free of obstacles, and a section of it is open to cyclists. It is very popular with anglers who enjoy fishing either from the shore or from a boat, with bathers seeking a refreshing dip in the lake and a secluded spot for sunbathing and relaxing, and, on a windy day, with windsurfing enthusiasts.

Guests of Hotel Le Prese may access the peaceful shores of Lake Poschiavo from the private dock at the end of the hotel’s gardens. There, they will find three rowing boats, which they may take out on the lake, perhaps for a spot of fishing or simply to relax while being gently rocked by the waves lapping at the boat.


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