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In the mountains

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In the mountains of Valposchiavo, you are surrounded by beautiful scenery: along the paths, on the flower-filled slopes, on the snow-capped mountains, in the shade beneath the trees.
The plant life and wildlife exhibit a fascinating variety, ranging from Alpine to Mediterranean: from larches and Swiss stone pines to chestnuts and vines; from eagles, chamois and ibexes to yellowhammers, kingfishers and deer. The River Poschiavino flows down the valley, which is dotted with small hamlets and many mountain pastures, and empties into Lake Poschiavo. It then carries on down the lower end of the valley, eventually joining the River Adda near Tirano. Valposchiavo’s rivers are full of fish, and fishing is a favourite pastime of locals and visitors alike.

During the summer season, the region offers a wide range of opportunities to explore the great outdoors, for example the magnificent Val di Campo - a protected nature reserve - with its rich Alpine flora and the enchanting mountain lakes of Lagh da Saoseo and Lagh da Val Viola, the Sassalbo (white rock) mountain, which towers majestically over Poschiavo against the deep blue sky, the impressive natural formations (known as “giants’ cauldrons”) of the Cavaglia glacier garden, guided tours of the summits of Valposchiavo with spectacular views, the hermitage of San Romerio and the delightful villages of Viano and Cavaione perched on the steep slopes, topped off by the warm hospitality of the mountain huts and restaurants.

Cavaglia glacier garden

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