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In Valtellina

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Valtellina is an important Alpine region located in the heart of the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, between Lombardy and the Canton of Grisons. In past centuries, it was the main gateway to the Alps and the only transit route for merchants travelling between the rich ports of Italy and northern Europe. The valley’s richness is reflected in its vast historical heritage.

Valtellina is a popular destination for hiking, visiting museums, churches and buildings of the nobility, exploring the local handicrafts and sampling local products such as wine and cheese, or the famous pizzoccheri (buckwheat flour tagliatelle pasta boiled with potatoes and cabbage) and bresaola (cured raw beef), apples and honey. A journey through cultural traditions handed down through the generations and flavours that never fail to impress.

Valtellina includes popular holiday resorts such as Livigno and Bormio and as many as four thermal spa resorts: the Bormio Thermal Baths, the New and Old Baths of Bormio, and the Masino Baths.

To discover the secrets of the fine wines of the Valtellina region, do not pass up on the chance to visit the wine-making houses across the region and find out about the fascinating history of the Nebbiolo wines, the fine red wines of the region. As well as tasting the region’s top wines, visitors to the wine cellars may also sample the local products.

In the spring and summer, the nature is ablaze with a kaleidoscope of colours, from the meadows in flower to the lush green woods in bloom, crossed by crystal-clear mountain streams. The Stelvio National Park, the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi and the Val di Mello Nature Reserve are well worth visiting. The signposted and well maintained mountain-bike trails offer long bike rides in the great outdoors.


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